Advising Non Resident Indian in Property Matters.

  • Legal property assistance from our team.
  • Property registration, transfer and dispute settlement.
  • Advance fee quotes provided.
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About NRI Legal

We know the problems that Nonresident Indians face living in abroad nations. NRI’s are not visiting the nation very often result of which they are not in complete surveillance of their property. NRI’s are often stuck by different problems regarding the property. NRI’s might be facing some civil or criminal issues, reason of that they avoid being present in India. NRI’s are scared that if they will come to India they might stuck in some problem or their passport will be taken from them. Legal advice is much needed from them from a legal advisor. An experienced advocate can guide the NRI in problem and can solve the issue in a matter of time.

Legal Services for NRIs

NRI legal offers legal assistance in all kinds of property matters whether it is property registration, transfer of property or to solve any property dispute.


Property Search

Now search property with the help of our team having. Our team offers real estate guidance according to updated market situations

Partition of property

Property sometimes needs to be divided between recipients. With our legal support now have a partition with proper legal procedure.


Property Transfer

Property transfer is done after-sale, will, gift or succession. We offer assistance in the transfer of property and registration of the same.


Criminal Litigation

Our proficient team ensures to represent & solve all the NRI criminal litigation dispute cases & reach the best possible outcome of your case within the legal framework.


Successions Certificate

Successions certificate is required to inherit a property left by the person died intestate without forming a will. Our legal team can be contacted to get successions certificate.

Evaluation of Property

Persons seeking separation needs to get a property evaluated for setting claims during separation. We offer assistance for proper evaluation of the property.

Why Choose Us

We have advocates working in the field of property law from many years. Our advocates are well equipped with the skills to handle any kind of property dispute. Our legal team has dealt with all kinds of property disputes due to which our team knows about each scenario arising out of the property dispute. Our team can offer assistance in the following situations:-

  • To register a property.
  • To register a transfer of a property.
  • Registration of property through will and gift deed.
  • Arranging property documents.
  • Real estate guidance.
  • Legal assistance in property frauds.
  • Help in reclaiming the land.
  • Assistance in producing a proclaimed offender in court.
  • Legal assistance in any other property matter.

NRI legal offers legal assistance to NRI’s in property matters. Our legal advising team offers video counselling as well as walk in counselling for the clients.