Criminal Litigation

Criminal litigation is a legal proceeding involving a criminal matter in dispute. A matter in which civil right is not affected but personal harm or injury is committed against a person or its property is a criminal matter. It is most common nowadays that NRI’s living abroad are tangled in criminal matters in India. Maximum times these matters are meaningless and are just created to distract the mind of the people. NRI’s result of which fears to visit their native land to avoid being tangled in an unwanted criminal intention.

NRI’s facing criminal litigation

NRI’s living overseas might be facing a charge under criminal litigation for any cause that might be a petty case or a big case. This criminal litigation can be sorted out by taking proper legal advice in the account. The fear of NRI’s to appear in India remains, that by visiting India they might lose their passports as well.

Problems in which an NRI may be tangled

Following problems can be faced by the NRI’s involving criminal litigation:-

  • NRI’s might face the fear of being arrested unwantedly in the nation. Fearful messages are sent to the NRI’s, the result of which NRI’s avoid visiting India to avoid criminal litigation.
  • Fake records and documents are created against the NRI’s to avoid them coming to India.
  • An NRI who has been declared proclaimed offender might be fearing to come inside the territory if India, or might not be getting the right legal advice.

Value of Right legal advice

Right legal advice in criminal matters for NRI’s can help in the following ways:-

  • Proclaimed offenders might be declared PO in a petty case where litigation can be sorted out with simple and easy steps.
  • Proclaimed offenders can become present in the court and continue the litigation with right step by step legal advice from the legal advisor.
  • Taking valuable assistance from lawyers NRI’s can visit the country without any fear of being caught or any fear of losing their passports.
  • A right legal counsel will help in arranging proper litigation and will help in safeguarding the freedom of the NRI.

Our legal support

NRI’s may get our legal counsel working in their favor in their criminal litigation. Our legal practitioners are dedicated towards helping clients seeking legal advice in a professional way. We offer video counseling to our overseas clients along with walk-in discussions. Our legal advisory team has experience in practicing in criminal matters involving proclaimed offenders and NRI’s.