Partition of Property

Whether you are an NRI (Non-Resident Indian) or a PIO (Person of Indian Origin), you can get the possession of your property in India. And if you are having any kind of property disputes with the co-owners of that property, you can hire the best property lawyers in India to resolve that. With NRI Legal, you can get the right legal advice on property matters. And if you find the advice valuable for you, you can further proceed with filing the suit for partition of the property if it’s contested one.

There are different laws and acts are which are ensuring the protection of property rights of NRI’s. Nowadays the nuclear family system is much prevalent than joint families. But the Land Partition Act, inheritance act and partition laws are still the same for heirs of the inherited properties. NRI’s and PIO’s may find it difficult to manage the property matters over here in India. But NRI Legal makes it’s easy for you to hire the best property attorneys in India for any kind of property disputes.

Why Partition of Property is a Right Decision?

Partition of the property will include the equal distribution of immovable assets of the inherited property. The property laws differ from each religion in India. And you will find a number of legal property disputes in most of the families. There are people who have moved to other countries in order to explore some better work opportunities. But being stuck in the property matters is still the major issue for these NRI’s and PIO’s.

In most of the cases, there is no consented partition. The current possessor of the property will surely look for the ways to get the authority in their hands. But the laws and order don’t allow that as all the property heirs deserve the equal share. That part of the property can be sold but only as share not on the market value. You may not have enough time and knowledge as well to manage these matters. Therefore it stresses the importance of property lawyers to manage such partition of property disputes and then managing partition deed ancestral property. Here are some perks you can relish with this legal remedy.

  • Less hassle of managing joint property matters while residing in other countries.
  • Individual management of ownership of personal property.
  • Reduces the headache of disputes among family members.
  • Legal proof of ownership of the property.
  • Each co-owner getting an equal portion of the inherited assets.
  • Freedom to manipulate and utilize the property according to oneself.
  • Less trespassing.
  • Partition of property makes it easy for every co-owner to use the assets as per their choice.

Therefore, in short, this whole process is making it a hassle-free procedure for all the co-owners whether they are residing in India or are NRI’s. For that matter, you will need to look for the best legal advice and hiring the top property management lawyers for the partition of property.

Types of Property Partition

The immovable assets of the partition property constitute inherited land, house, commercial, or monetary property left behind by the deceased predecessor. The coparceners are going to get all equal shares of the property. And do understand well that any other property occupied by the co-owner other than inherited one will not be susceptible to partition. Prominently there are two types of property partitions, i.e.,

  • Contested property partition.
  • Non-contested property partition.

In most of the cases, there are contested property partition cases. These are the cases when there is no mutual consent. Then the partition suit has to be filed by one of the co-owner. But for that purpose, a proficient lawyer needs to file the suit for the partition of immovable property who is having thorough knowledge about the partition of property under Hindu law and other religions as well. A properly executed deed on stamp paper will proceed for the legal and binding effect to sub-registrar. And then you will get familiar with the property partition deed benefits quite well for legal ownership of the property.

And non-contested property partition cases are those where all the coparceners agree to the property partitions. This is the best legal remedy for such partition of property among family members to reduce time wastage and distress.

Why Choose NRI Legal for Best Lawyers for Partition of Property?

Now comes the point that which are the top property lawyers in India who can help you resolve your property matters from overseas. With NRI Legal, you can connect to the most seasoned and diligent property attorneys. The perk is that our lawyers are having higher integrity towards work and they are going to make sure it simpler and easier legal proceeding for you. 

You need not be present over here for the conciliation of a property dispute. In addition, you can get the full detailed information on every proceeding and also the paperwork will be much clear. With the years of experience in property matters, they are having a tremendous success rate in the field. Handling the disputes with amazing proficiency is what our lawyers excel at. Therefore, stop being stressed out, discuss your matters with our top property lawyers for NRI and hire the one for property partition disputes if any.